Summer 2018 Multi-Sport Camp

Parents, are you looking to keep your kids occupied this summer!? Worry no further – Ancaster Sports Centre has got you covered. Located on 1030 Lower Lions Club Road, we are located at the heart of Hamilton on the border of Ancaster, Hamilton and Dundas. From ball hockey to dodge ball, soccer to basketball, or just plain arts and crafts, we have it all! Sports not your thing? Tired of watching movies? No problem! Join us in our Summer Camp where you can soar to new heights on our bouncy castles or escape the world with our virtual reality!

This summer, kids 4-12 years old will experience a Multi-Sport Camp like no other. In addition to fun sports, crafts, movies and games, we also provide a positive environment; one that instills character development. Our amazing staff will work diligently to engage with each child so no one is left out. So let’s join hands and kick on, because the summer is around the corner and before you know it the experience will begin. Dive in and explore into what this unique summer adventure has to offer!

Summer Camp: $174.95 + HST (or $44.95 + HST Per Single Day)
Ask us about our multiple day discounts and group rates
Camp hours are 9am-4pm with free extended drop off from 8am-9am and pick up from 4pm-6pm.
To register, click the “Multi-Sport Camp” link at the top of the page or in person/over the phone at (289) 309-5466.

Coming Soon to the ASC: Golf

Calling all avid golfers in the Hamilton-Wentworth area! Coming Fall 2017, the Ancaster Sports Centre will offer an indoor driving range in our heated air dome for you to maintain your swing through the winter months. For those of you who are new to golf see the health benefits below! We are determined to provide a warm and welcoming environment to all of our members. Equipped with 12 tee stations, ASC is the perfect environment to work on your game when you cannot get outside on the green grass. Ancaster Sports Centre will also house an LLBO licensed restaurant with nutritious and delicious options! Enjoy a delicious meal and a drink after working up an appetite mastering your swing or hang out with a few friends to catch the game. Our restaurant will have ample seating space including a wraparound deck for those sunny days all in a laidback atmosphere.

Golf Season: October-May
Monday-Friday 7am-4pm (last sale 3:30pm)

1 Bucket – $10 Tax-In
5 Buckets – $40 Tax-In
10 Buckets – $75 Tax-In

Memberships include 3 buckets per day & club storage.
1 bucket includes: 70-75 balls, 30 minutes and 1 mat.
Contact us for more details!

Here are some fun healthy facts to remember while golfing:

1. Fosters relationships- Golf is a socially enjoyable sport. It is a great way to keep in touch with old and new friends, provides an opportunity to meet new people in your community and network.
2. Keeps your heart rate up- Playing golf can lead up to quite a bit of exercise, which is beneficial for your heart. Swinging your golf club increases your heart rate, it will keep your heart pumping and increase the blood flow within your body.
3. Good for your brain- As your heart rate increases, the blood flow to your brain does too, which can improve and stimulate your nerve cell connection. This can help delay mental illnesses such as dementia.
4. Improves vision- Golfing requires good vision to zoom in on how far the ball is driven, golfers learn over time on how to hone in on a small objects from a distance. Golfing helps improve hand-eye coordination, from the moment you step up to the tee.
5. Low-risk injury sport- Golf is a very leisure sport and great for any age. The overall risk of injury during sport is very low due to the fact there is no body to body contact. Even though golf is a low- risk injury sport, it still provides enough physical activity to keep the muscles engaged.
6. Reduces stress- Golfing helps alleviate stress. Interacting with others, sharing interests and stories helps forget about any troubles. Playing golf releases endorphins- natural, mood-enhancing chemicals within your brain, making you happier and relaxed.

We look forward to serving the Hamilton-Wentworth community, not only in golf but in all sporting aspects.

This Summer’s Top Multi-Sport Camp

The summer holidays are fast approaching and it’s time to plan activities that’ll keep the kids entertained. If you have a child aged between 4 and 12 who has a little too much energy, no desire to sit still and a love of sports, a multi-sport summer camp could be the answer.

Summer camps are the ideal activity for children to take part in during the summer holidays and as well as making new friends and keeping active, they are guaranteed to have a good time. Kids are able to try new sports and activities they may not have had the opportunity to try before; who knows, you could have a soccer star or a budding baseball pro on your hands!

Summer Camp in Ancaster

At Ancaster Sports Centre we understand that children need to be entertained and kept busy when off school and there’s no better way than enrolling them in a fun summer camp. Our summer camp in Ancaster is the ideal way for kids to make new friends, try out new activities and enjoy themselves. After all, no child wants to spend their summer stuck at home when they could be out enjoying youth soccer.

Kids who attend the multi-sport summer camp will be able to get involved in a range of different sports including; Soccer, Baseball, Dodgeball, Basketball and more. To break up the day and to offer something a little bit different, we also offer different arts and craft activities as well as brainteasers and camp style games. This means there is something for everyone and children won’t have a minute spare.

Though the summer camp is open to children aged between the ages of 4 and 12, they are grouped based on age, skill and ability. This allows those who are skilled in certain sports to really excel and practice, those that require additional coaching to have it and younger children to have that little bit of extra care they need.

Location: 1030 Lower Lion Club Road, Ancaster.
Cost: The cost of the camp is $199+HST per week.
Date: 9 weeks starting July 3rd
Time: 9am-4am
Free extended care is available between 8am-9am and 4pm-5pm.

To sign up for 2017’s Multi-Sport Summer Camp in Ancaster, get in touch! Register today and guarantee your place.

Get Active this Summer with the Outdoor Soccer House League

Encourage your kids to get outdoors, exercise and learn about teamwork in Hamilton. Outdoor soccer leagues ran by Ancaster Sports Centre are friendly, positive experiences that focus on having fun whilst playing the game instead of pure competition focused on winning. This is the ultimate experience for any new beginner or just the casual soccer players in your family. If your kid has been looking for ways to make new friends, or if you are hoping to encourage a healthy lifestyle by engaging in one of the most fun activities for kids, read on to see if Ancaster Sports Centre is right for your family.

What to Expect

Play youth soccer in Hamilton Mountain under a well trained coaching staff that are dedicated to giving your child the best summer of their lives. The participants will be split into three major groups, ages 4-5 years, 6-8 years, and finally 9-12 years old. No matter what age your child is, they will play kids soccer among others in the same development group, ensuring a fun time and providing equal opportunities for every child to play. Every child will be supplied with an official team jersey, soccer shorts, and a pair of long socks to wear throughout the season. Each day in the program, the kids will engage in about fifteen minutes of practice drills to encourage skill building, and then play a forty-five minute game for the enjoyment of both the parents and the kids.

Dates and Locations

The league starts on June 3rd, 2017, and continues for 12 weeks, until the end of August. Join the Hamilton House League and get weekly entertainment for the entire summer. It will begin every Saturday at either 9am or 10am, before the weather gets too hot, and will leave enough time for you to find other exciting summer engagements for your afternoons. The House League Soccer will be held at St. Jean de Brebeuf School at 200 Acadia Drive, Hamilton.

Commit to Fun!

Online registration is already open, so sign up your kid right away and give them a summer of Soccer to remember. For just $154.82+HST, reserve your spot on our teams (spots are limited) and give your child the opportunity to receive an end of season award! You won’t regret the physical coordination, teamwork skills, and positive attitude that will be shared with your young child by talented professionals.

Summer Programs at the Ancaster Sports Centre

With the indoor soccer season coming to an end, and the kids summer break around the corner; here at Ancaster Sports Centre we offer a multi-sport summer camp starting the first week of July from ages 4-12. If you are looking to have your child strictly play soccer, we offer our youth soccer outdoor house league program Saturdays starting at 9 am located on the Hamilton Mountain at St. Jean De Brebeuf.

Over here at Ancaster Sports Centre we have been running our youth soccer program throughout the fall and winter sessions. Our fall program was our first ever launch, personally I would like to say it was a hit. The kids enjoyed every week coming in and learning from grassroots in the beginning, moving on up into a little more advanced drills. Every session would consist of 30 minutes technical work and the last 30 minutes scrimmage, we always want to apply everything they learn into a game situation. From beginning to end of each week, we could see the improvement in our all players; it’s truly amazing what 12 weeks can do.

With players returning for our winter session and new players joining our program, we are looking forward to seeing our return players continue their progress, and help develop our new players. With only three weeks left in our winter session our returning players have improved beyond what we could imagine, with our new players; well we can say they have caught on pretty quickly. The smiles, laughs, sweat and hard work from every individual have been phenomenal the past nine weeks; that being said we are looking forward to our youth soccer outdoor house league program here in Hamilton.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (289) 309-5466 or email us at [email protected]/ancastersportscentre we are more than happy to help.

Multi-Sport Camp – Summer 2017!

We, at the Ancaster Sports Centre are working hard to serve the Hamilton-Wentworth area. We are very excited to launch our first Multi-Sport Camp this coming summer. Our team works extremely hard to put a smile on all the kids faces during our Youth Soccer Skills Development program, and we will transfer that energy and excitement towards our Multi-Sport Camp. This summer camp is a great option for your kids, as it will introduce them to a ton of sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Ball Hockey, Handball, Flag Football and much more! Our Facility has two great turf soccer fields, where we will do a majority of sports. Outside, we have 6 tennis courts that we be designated for a bunch of different sports and activities.

The camp is available all 9 weeks of summer starting the first week of July (July 3rd). The camp will run from 9am-4pm, with drop off between 8am-9am and pickup between 4pm-5pm. During down times, our coaches will keep the kids engaged with a variety of Arts & Crafts, as well as brain puzzles. The camp is for kids ages 4-12 years old, and is suitable for kids of all skills and abilities. We are very excited and cannot wait for this summer, as we love to see all the campers learning new skills, making new friends and having fun!

Each week is $199+HST, we also offer single day options for $50+HST per day. Ask us about our group rates, our multiple week discounts and referral specials! You can register online by clicking the “Multi-Sport Camps” link at the top of the page, over the phone at (289) 309-5466, send in a registration form to [email protected]/ancastersportscentre or in person at 1030 Lower Lions Club Road, Ancaster! We look forward to seeing all the kids from the Hamilton-Wentworth area this summer!!

Indoor Soccer Youth Program: Coaches Perspective

My time at the Ancaster Sports Centre has been amazing, not only do I do administrative work; I was also asked to help out with their indoor soccer youth program. With my soccer experience, this opportunity felt like a calling to help shape our athletes of tomorrow. I am learning so much more about the sport from a coaching perspective than a player and I am also learning more about myself as a person. Working with the kids in our youth program has been a challenge for me, not having much of a coaching background; but it certainly is paying off. Each week coming in seeing the smile on every child’s face and effort they put in is rewarding, the differences I have seen from the start of our program till now is outstanding. The attention, footwork, passing, shooting, and athleticism I see with our young superstars is amazing, I couldn’t be any more proud of each and every youngster I work with.

Our first 12-week indoor soccer program is almost coming to an end and the Winter Session is around the corner, I am looking forward to seeing the returning kids and new faces coming out.

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at (289) 309- 5466 or email us at [email protected]/ancastersportscentre

“The secret is to believe in your dreams; in your potential that you can be like your star, keep searching, keep believing and don’t lose faith in yourself.” – Neymar

Coming Soon to the ASC: Squash

For those of you who are not familiar with the sport Squash, it is a racket sport, played between four walls with a small rubber ball. It can be played by singles (1 vs 1) or doubles (2 vs 2). It is a great way to increase your cardiovascular workouts (See Health Benefits Below). Squash can be considered a style of interval cardio training as the sport consist of many quick sprints, stops and starts. It is great for all age groups and skill levels. For beginners, it is a sport that can be picked up quickly and it is extremely fun!

Coming this June, the Ancaster Sports Centre will have two newly renovated single player squash courts available for both ASC’s members and for the public. The courts will be available all hours of the week, allowing our members to come in before work, during their lunch break or in the evenings. We will also have a restaurant on site with some great healthy options so you can refuel before or after you work out. Whether you play squash competitively, for fun or even a beginner please inquire about becoming a member and learning about the benefits memberships have, contact us at [email protected]/ancastersportscentre or call us at 289-309-5466!

Seven reasons why playing squash is good for your overall health:

  1. Increases cardiovascular endurance
  2. Releases Stress
  3. Builds muscle strength in lower and upper body
  4. Low risk of injury
  5. Improves hand eye coordination
  6. Increase flexibility and strength in the back
  7. Promotes good coordination, agility, and flexibility

Sponsorship Opportunities

Opened in 2016, The Ancaster Sports Centre (ASC) has already developed a reputation as a community athletic hub for indoor sports and recreation in Hamilton.

ASC is home to two state-of-the-art artificial turf indoor soccer fields, which provide modular and scalable opportunities for sporting and general athletic activities. Currently on the docket are intramural leagues, youth development academies, and multi-sport camps focused around soccer, as well as adding flag football, baseball, lacrosse, and field hockey offerings.

By spring 2017, ASC will expand by opening its permanent brick and mortar structure, offering the public a wide range of amenities including: squash, golf, volleyball (outdoor), fitness centre, runners den, and a LLBO licensed restaurant/social area.

We at ASC are continuously striving to create a quality space for the community’s sporting and social needs.  We welcome all ages, from toddlers to seniors, and all abilities, from rank amateur to seasoned veteran.

With your support, ASC can continue to develop its mission to provide an exceptional space for the community to be active and engaged. Please contact us for sponsorship opportunities and see how a partnership with the Ancaster Sports Centre can work for you.

For more information please contact:
[email protected]/ancastersportscentre | 289-309-5466


Getting to know the Ancaster Sports Centre

For those of you that are not familiar with the Ancaster Sports Centre (ASC), it is the new home for the Ancaster and the Hamilton-Wentworth sports communities. The ASC opened the doors to its indoor soccer air dome mid-October of this year and is already the training facility of choice for many soccer teams and over 80 youth athletes ranging from ages 4-12. The ASC has been able to grow and expand its youth soccer program from 1 day a week to 3 days a week in just two short months.

For those athletes who are not soccer players, the ASC will have much more to offer come Spring 2017. The building is currently being completely renovated, both inside and outside. Upon completion, the ASC will have a variety of sports and activities to offer including:

Beach Volleyball
Multi-Sport Camp
On-site restaurant/bar
and much more!

The ASC will be a very busy place come the New Year! In addition to being a premier sports site, The ASC also strives to play a constructive role within the community, doing its part by providing outlets for members to become active, have fun and live a healthy lifestyle. We welcome and cater to all age groups, skill levels, and backgrounds.

This past weekend, the ASC hosted a free Christmas event that was open to the general public. Santa Claus visited, there was face painting, soccer games, music, dancing and (of course) candy canes! So everyone keep your eyes peeled for more events, programs and fun in the future because Ancaster Sports Centre is your new home for sports!!

If you would like further details about our programs at the Ancaster Sports Centre, you can contact [email protected]/ancastersportscentre or call us at 289-309-5466!