Coming Soon to the ASC: Golf

Calling all avid golfers in the Hamilton-Wentworth area! Coming Fall 2017, the Ancaster Sports Centre will offer an indoor driving range in our heated air dome for you to maintain your swing through the winter months. For those of you who are new to golf see the health benefits below! We are determined to provide a warm and welcoming environment to all of our members. Equipped with 12 tee stations, ASC is the perfect environment to work on your game when you cannot get outside on the green grass. Ancaster Sports Centre will also house an LLBO licensed restaurant with nutritious and delicious options! Enjoy a delicious meal and a drink after working up an appetite mastering your swing or hang out with a few friends to catch the game. Our restaurant will have ample seating space including a wraparound deck for those sunny days all in a laidback atmosphere.

Golf Season: October-May
Monday-Friday 7am-4pm (last sale 3:30pm)

1 Bucket – $10 Tax-In
5 Buckets – $40 Tax-In
10 Buckets – $75 Tax-In

Memberships include 3 buckets per day & club storage.
1 bucket includes: 70-75 balls, 30 minutes and 1 mat.
Contact us for more details!

Here are some fun healthy facts to remember while golfing:

1. Fosters relationships- Golf is a socially enjoyable sport. It is a great way to keep in touch with old and new friends, provides an opportunity to meet new people in your community and network.
2. Keeps your heart rate up- Playing golf can lead up to quite a bit of exercise, which is beneficial for your heart. Swinging your golf club increases your heart rate, it will keep your heart pumping and increase the blood flow within your body.
3. Good for your brain- As your heart rate increases, the blood flow to your brain does too, which can improve and stimulate your nerve cell connection. This can help delay mental illnesses such as dementia.
4. Improves vision- Golfing requires good vision to zoom in on how far the ball is driven, golfers learn over time on how to hone in on a small objects from a distance. Golfing helps improve hand-eye coordination, from the moment you step up to the tee.
5. Low-risk injury sport- Golf is a very leisure sport and great for any age. The overall risk of injury during sport is very low due to the fact there is no body to body contact. Even though golf is a low- risk injury sport, it still provides enough physical activity to keep the muscles engaged.
6. Reduces stress- Golfing helps alleviate stress. Interacting with others, sharing interests and stories helps forget about any troubles. Playing golf releases endorphins- natural, mood-enhancing chemicals within your brain, making you happier and relaxed.

We look forward to serving the Hamilton-Wentworth community, not only in golf but in all sporting aspects.