Get Active this Summer with the Outdoor Soccer House League

Encourage your kids to get outdoors, exercise and learn about teamwork in Hamilton. Outdoor soccer leagues ran by Ancaster Sports Centre are friendly, positive experiences that focus on having fun whilst playing the game instead of pure competition focused on winning. This is the ultimate experience for any new beginner or just the casual soccer players in your family. If your kid has been looking for ways to make new friends, or if you are hoping to encourage a healthy lifestyle by engaging in one of the most fun activities for kids, read on to see if Ancaster Sports Centre is right for your family.

What to Expect

Play youth soccer in Hamilton Mountain under a well trained coaching staff that are dedicated to giving your child the best summer of their lives. The participants will be split into three major groups, ages 4-5 years, 6-8 years, and finally 9-12 years old. No matter what age your child is, they will play kids soccer among others in the same development group, ensuring a fun time and providing equal opportunities for every child to play. Every child will be supplied with an official team jersey, soccer shorts, and a pair of long socks to wear throughout the season. Each day in the program, the kids will engage in about fifteen minutes of practice drills to encourage skill building, and then play a forty-five minute game for the enjoyment of both the parents and the kids.

Dates and Locations

The league starts on June 3rd, 2017, and continues for 12 weeks, until the end of August. Join the Hamilton House League and get weekly entertainment for the entire summer. It will begin every Saturday at either 9am or 10am, before the weather gets too hot, and will leave enough time for you to find other exciting summer engagements for your afternoons. The House League Soccer will be held at St. Jean de Brebeuf School at 200 Acadia Drive, Hamilton.

Commit to Fun!

Online registration is already open, so sign up your kid right away and give them a summer of Soccer to remember. For just $154.82+HST, reserve your spot on our teams (spots are limited) and give your child the opportunity to receive an end of season award! You won’t regret the physical coordination, teamwork skills, and positive attitude that will be shared with your young child by talented professionals.