Summer Programs at the Ancaster Sports Centre

With the indoor soccer season coming to an end, and the kids summer break around the corner; here at Ancaster Sports Centre we offer a multi-sport summer camp starting the first week of July from ages 4-12. If you are looking to have your child strictly play soccer, we offer our youth soccer outdoor house league program Saturdays starting at 9 am located on the Hamilton Mountain at St. Jean De Brebeuf.

Over here at Ancaster Sports Centre we have been running our youth soccer program throughout the fall and winter sessions. Our fall program was our first ever launch, personally I would like to say it was a hit. The kids enjoyed every week coming in and learning from grassroots in the beginning, moving on up into a little more advanced drills. Every session would consist of 30 minutes technical work and the last 30 minutes scrimmage, we always want to apply everything they learn into a game situation. From beginning to end of each week, we could see the improvement in our all players; it’s truly amazing what 12 weeks can do.

With players returning for our winter session and new players joining our program, we are looking forward to seeing our return players continue their progress, and help develop our new players. With only three weeks left in our winter session our returning players have improved beyond what we could imagine, with our new players; well we can say they have caught on pretty quickly. The smiles, laughs, sweat and hard work from every individual have been phenomenal the past nine weeks; that being said we are looking forward to our youth soccer outdoor house league program here in Hamilton.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (289) 309-5466 or email us at [email protected]/ancastersportscentre we are more than happy to help.